Copy an existing harddrive to a new harddriove

I used Acronis Backup & Restore 11.5 software to copy the Windows 7 Ultimate installed on to a SCSI Drive to a Intel SSD Drive. Now the problem is that Windows 7 installed on the SSD  shows that it installed on Drive T. It should be conveniently be showing being installed on Drive C.  Windows 7 previously installed on SCSI Drive shows being installed on Drive C. I would have to delete Windows 7 on Drive C in any case by formatting it. But how to change the letter of Windows 7 now installed on Drive T to Drive C without making it unbootable.
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Scott CConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EnginerCommented:
No, it looks like you will need to do a reinstall:

If you read down a bit you will see there are THOUSANDS of registry entries that refer to the boot drive letter.

Sorry for the news.
Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:
According to this:

You will need to do a clean install.

I'll keep digging though.
Mike RoeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you disable the scsi adapters in bios or make sure the driver did not load
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what happens if you disconnect all disk drives, and leave only the SSD connected?
you cna also connect it to port 0 if you like
SALEM586Author Commented:
What I did was to delete all the partitions on the old SCSI Hard Drive where the previous Window 7 was installed and then reinstalled it on the SSD recovering the image and that from the platform of Windows 8 already on SSD. I did not delete the partitions before because I was not sure whether the image would be recovered successfully in this way.

I had to use the Windows 7 recovery disc to get the BCD right for it. After that when I booted Windows 7 it showed that it was installed on C Drive. I initiated the old SCSI Drive whose partitions were deleted and it became T Drive.
Many experts have commented. Scottcha is right . I had to do a reinstall but not a clean install i.e. not installing Windows  anew but recovering it from an image.  Fredbear891 was right to some extent but that was not necessary deleting the partitions on the old drive took care of it moreover this is a multiple boot Windows other Windows also boot from the SCSI Adaptor. Nobus comment cazme later in the day when everything was done but I value his expertise & comments. I am not cognizant of port 0
port 0 = sata port zero
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