I purchased the UNIFI AP's 3 pack, and want to know if I set them up with individual SSID's can windows auto switch to the one that is currently giving it the best signal?
Does windows have the ability to choose the best WIFI signal in its range or does this have to be done manually every time or is there software that can handle this for me?

I was considering making all the AP's the same SSID but the problem is how will I know weather it has switched to a stronger signal unit?
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Craig BeckCommented:
You should use the same SSID on all APs to enable the client to automatically move.  However, this doesn't always happen if more than one AP is giving you a strong signal within set parameters.

Basically, if two APs are both giving you (just as an example) a signal better than a certain value the wireless NIC might not try to connect to the stronger one as its signal is good enough as it is.

There are wireless APs and controllers that can force this, and you can do it with some NIC drivers, but it's totally dependent on what kit you have.

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georgopanosAuthor Commented:
Is there any way to setup windows to change AP's based on signal strength? Basically change the value of the signal strength when to change to another unit? I hope I make sense.
Craig BeckCommented:
That's NIC driver dependent.  Some do aggressive roaming while others don't.
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