Swindows Server 2012 DFS and Access Databases

He have a environment of 2 virtual DC's that also have our network shares on these machines the setup is DFS so if one goes down the other will be up, but we have been experiencing so data issues with access databases.  Not sure how but have conflicts and when one file is chosen from the conflicts data from the second files is not carried over to the final choice and lost ,Any Ideas?

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Rob StoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want High Availability on the Access files then you will need to configure a failover cluster. You'll need some shared storage between the nodes (like a SAN) for this.  However, as these are your DC's too it's not something that is recommended.  

I would look to either move the Access files out of DFS or remove the replication on the Access folder in DFS (and remove the target against the secondary DFS server) and put a scheduled task to mirror the contents on DC1 to DC2 every 'x' minutes/hours.

Robocopy or Richcopy can do this, but practice with some test files/folders first! The mirror switch used in the wrong direction will have bad consequences.
Rob StoneCommented:
If the access files are open then you can experience replication issues:
cameljoe121Author Commented:
Your correct when seems to be the issue is that I have 2 Dc's that are VM's on different physical hosts.  Both Dc1 and Dc2 have a copy of our DFS shares on them.  They system was set up by a consultant, the idea was that any user could connect to which ever DC was up and access information from the share when the other DC was down for maintenance or had a Failure.  It appears that some of the end clients are connecting to DC1 and some to DC2 I thought we wanted to be one or the other, but since both house these access databases data is being lost for them being open on both servers at the same time when DFS goes to replicate to data its deleting info it should not any ideas
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