Structure Access please

Hello to All Access Gurus,

Need help organized data that is not organized into MS access.
Criteria –

A distributor pipeline (DP) is a way/medium to sell a product – to the government or private or public entity etc
Each product can have multiple DP. Like, a product P1 can be sold to DPcodes 001,002,006 and product P2 is only sold to DPcodes 007
Each DP can have a set number of Tiered price. For example: DPCode 001 has only 1 tiered price (tier1)
and DPCode 002,006  have three tiered pricing (tier1,tier2,tier3)
and 006 has 2 tiered price (tier1,tier2)

Organizing this into multiple tables in access – I think I may be incorrect – Please suggest the best way to get this organized in multiple tables -

Assume there are two tables –
[tblProduct] that stores productCode as primary key –total  fields  are – {prodCode,DPCode}
[tblDP] that stores DPCode as primary key – total field are – {DPCode,Tier1,tier2….tierN}

Thank you
Respect, Rayne
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RayneAuthor Commented:
Right now it lives in excel currently like this…..
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Remember we have do not know the details of your data, no do we know the business rules governing this system.

From your experience here you know that the Experts here cannot really do specific "design" work.
Database design requires an intimate knowledge of all the aspects of the project, and a lot of back and forth is involved between all those involved.
We can only make suggestions based on general database theory.

It is also not known what your skill level is with table design or table relationships.

This all being said, this is how I see it...

pID (Primary Key)

dpID (Primary Key)
dp_pID (Foreign Key)

tblDistPipeTier (Many-to-many table, between tblDistPipe and tblTier)
dptID (Primary Key)
dpt_dpID (Foreign key)
dpt_tID (Foreign Key)

tID (Primary Key)
t_dpID (Foreign Key)


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RayneAuthor Commented:
Hello Jeff,

I remember your hilarious  comments here :)

I apologize for asking this question. I haven't  touched access data structure designing in years. so ended up asking this. But thank you ;) for your kind help and effort in this regards. I see your solution as a great head-start to my problem and a way to initiate the data refining and designing.

Thank you Again for coming forward and helping,
Respect …
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
I do remember that post...

No need to apologize buddy, it's a perfectly valid question...

I based my design on what I felt you were asking for...

As with all design questions, you should not take what I posted here as the actual design to follow.
Create a test database with it, and test it against how your business rules apply. Then post any feedback


RayneAuthor Commented:
Hello Jeff ;)

Sure, as you indicated earlier - I will further do a lot of research to refine the business requirements and start creating a DB using your solution as a idea plus what I find out more from my side. And then trying to test create something that fits the final logic. But yes, feedback will come in :)

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Yes, research as much as you can on Many-To-many relationships...
RayneAuthor Commented:
Hello Jeff,

Here is the follow up if you are interested...

Thank you
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