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Illustrator CS6 error message when trying to print

When trying to print a file in Adobe Illustrator CS6, the user received a message saying, 'Not enough memory was available or an object was too complex. Reducing the size of this document window may help.'

The file in question is only 1.1Mb in size. The machine is a 27in iMac 3.4GHz Quad core i7 with 16Gb RAM.

Any ideas what might be causing this issue?
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Sigurdur Armannsson
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What are the dimensions of the artwork?
Are you linking high resolution pictures into the artwork? And maybe scaling it down very much?

– Zoom out and Select all to see if any nodes or paths extend out of the artboard. Note that such nodes and paths might be inside a mask and do not show in the Preview.

– You might have huge amounts of nodes if you have auto traced a complex picture.

You could try to make a HQ pdf first and try to print it. The final results should be the same, only you move the rendering to the pdf instead of your printer.

It might be helpful to see a screenshot of your work, both a preview and in outline (Cmd+Y).

You could also try to make a new document of same size and copy all the content of the current artwork over. Before you do, check in the Layers panel fly-out: Paste Remembers Layers.
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Great to hear.
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The font issue cleared up the problem.