not count if cell contains particular word. How do I do this?

I have a cell with a formula that counts cells in a column if another column has Tech Source in it...

=COUNTIFS($C12:$C10001,"=Tech Source",E12:E10001,"<>")

How do I do the opposite?  I would like it to count the column if it contains anything but Tech Source.  So...

Project Manager  5
Install                  5
Tech Source        3

I would like it to return a count of 2 (excluding the Tech Source row).

Kevin SmithAsked:
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Scott PletcherConnect With a Mentor Senior DBACommented:
I think this will do it:

,"<>Tech Source",
Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Are you looking for a SQL solution or Excel?

   SUM(CASE WHEN <condition> THEN 1 ELSE 0) END AS SomeCount
FROM myTable
GROUP BY SomeColumn
Kevin SmithAuthor Commented:
Na, an Excel formula...
Kevin SmithAuthor Commented:
Uh oh, just realized i put it in sql server area...
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