Developing using Jquery

I am new to JQuery and want to develop an application using the same.

How do I select the jquery UI components to use for the project.

For example I would like to use a Type ahead Drop down box,
An editable grid where the grid columns can be bound to text boxes, drop down boxes etc.

Also all these UI elements need to be bound making ajax calls.
I will be using .Net for my Server Side code.

Any pointers as to which elements are time tested and good to be used.
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Julian HansenCommented:
Before jumping in the deep end get to grips with plain 'ol JQuery.

JQueryUI is pretty self explanatory - it lists the widgets you can include in your project and has a customisation tool for you to select only the ones you are going to use as well as a means to roll your own theme.

For clarification JQueryUI is a user interface extension built on top of JQuery - it provides some ready to use controls like tabs, calenders, sliders etc.

There are many other JQuery libraries out there that do the same, similar or completely different things as well.

What you want to do is be discerning about what you include: Two things to watch out for

a) Code bloat
b) Conflict

The more you add the more you contribute to the above. There is the temptation to simply include anything and everything that looks cool but often you find you are including a large library for some code that can be implemented in a few lines of JQuery.

First steps though - learn the JQuery basics - and take it from there.

Other JQuery tools to look at

JQGrid ( for grid functionality.
I am a ColdFusion programmer that wanted nothing to do with JS or jQ.  I had a project that was forcing me to learn a little.  I found this link form Ben Nadel

After watching the video above (it's long but worth every second if you are new to jQ) I went from not a clue to it all made sense.  I LOVE jQ now.

I've been coding ColdFusion for 15 years and still feel like bowing in reverence to Ben.  He has one of the best blogs on the net (IMO).  He does a lot of jQ and other frameworks in his blog as well.

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