Indirect formula in excel 2010 help

Hi guys,

I'm using indirect formula in a worksheet and works fine, but now i need help to reference more than one cell, the worksheet I'm currently working is Informe and this is my formula:

=INDIRECT("'Datos'!R" & $O$10)

In this formula I bring the value that is on Worksheet Datos, Column R and row 30 (is the value of the cell O10 of Informe worksheet.

Now, I need to bring the value of Datos but replacing the column R for a column that is suplied for the user, let's say column P.

The user supplies the letter of the column in cell O15 of the Informe Worksheet, so the formula must be like this:

=INDIRECT("'Datos'!Informe!O15" & $O$10)

Something like this but I need the correctly way.

Hope you guys can help me and thank you so much in advance.
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NBVCConnect With a Mentor Commented:

=INDIRECT("'Datos'!"&Informe!O15 & $O$10)
elm9999Author Commented:
Great :)

I got it!!!

Thank you so much NB
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