Need to understand XenApp prnting

Can someone give me a simple explanation between auto-created printers and session printers?  If a company has some users with dektops and laptops and some users with just terminal devices, what are the differences?

I know if I have printer connected locally to my laptop and I connect to A XenApp farm, that printer follows me onto the farm and I can print to it.  My undertstanding is that THAT is an autocreated printer.   No how about if I connect from home one time and want to print something to a printer in the office.  So during my citrix connection, I add a network printer located in the office using the Add Printer wizard.  Is that a what is considered a session printer?  A printer I can print to that isn't auto-created?

Thanks for helping the citrix newb
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basrajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Auto-created printers creates the locally attached printer and locally attached network printers on the Citrix session. If you want to print to your home printers other than the one in office then you can use auto-create printers. Session printers can be used if users will always print to your office network printers. Or if you want users to restrict printing to their local printers. This way you're also improving performance on the server by not autocreating all user's printer and thus prevening print corruption due to bad drivers. For session printer, you can use your existing print server and network printers. If you have printers in each floor, you can create session printer for each floor and gives access to the users.
barrykflConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Citrix printing session is just terminal serice printer mapping actually without any change.

But it create a universal printer driver in case not map on session u can try to use it to print.

For safety driver mapping , i added all version all kinds or print driver to the local citrix windows and the deleted it it will help mapping and autocreate printer drivers expecially special drivers.

U added a printer on session it 's not a session printer , just think u login termail services desktop and then add a network printer your own no relate... session printing is maping local guest client printer to your terminal session.
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