Microsoft Lync 2013 Client Losing Persistent Chat Settings

I have a ton of clients on a hosted (not Office 365) Exchange, Sharepoint, and Lync Solution.

On the actual Lync clients we have set specific settings under Lync > Options > Persistent Chat that automatically set the Show message in a new window, show me an alert, and play a sound when a new message arrives and the same settings when a message marked high priority arrives.

We set these settings and then after anywhere from 1 day to a week the clients slowly lose said settings. The Lync 2013 Group Policy doesn't handle such settings and the provider says their server doesn't push those settings down. Thoughts? I have read that hosted multi-tenant Lync servers do not support persistent chat, would that be the cause? Please site your source.
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Agility_KolbConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The problem actually was NOT a windows update - it was Yahoo Messenger. There is a conflict somewhere that Yahoo Messenger causes Lync to lose these settings.

I see in the comment section of following article, people requesting for this feature to be available in Lync Online/Office 365. Looks like it is not yet implemented.
Agility_KolbAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, the vendor was able to get it working - they have narrowed down the problem to a few Windows updates. Once I get the name of that WU, I will update everyone.
Agility_KolbAuthor Commented:
Found the solution before anyone else.
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