Outlook rule fails to forward emails to another account

Hello - we have Outlook 2010 on Exchange 2003, and have a rule created in the Outlook client set to forward any emails that have attempted to send outside the company to an external address, but have failed and come back from the System Administrator as "Undeliverable".  there are certain ones that we want to be forwarded from the exchange admins mailbox to another account.  what we're seeing is it fails when the email originates from INSIDE the network, but succeeds when a test message comes in from the Internet - the rule successfully matches the subject criteria, and forwards the email from the admins account to the intended internal recipient.  Attached is a screenshot of the rule.

thanks for your help
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Damian_GardnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks - this isn;t a problem with forwarding outside of the company however, which Exchange automatically disables.  need these emails to go to an INTERNAL address.  there seems to be a difference between a message coming from outside the network, to the email originating inside the network - where one works, and the other does not.
Damian_GardnerAuthor Commented:
it's an Outlook rule thing...
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
In most cases you cannot use rules against "System Messages" - basically NDRs. Nothing you can do about it. It will work for some messages because Exchange doesn't recognise them as system messages. Where it does though, the rule will not fire.

Damian_GardnerAuthor Commented:
Yeah - I came across an article about NDR's not being classified as emails, and therefore a rule cannot be used.  I'll have to live without it.  thanks for your help.
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