PERC S300 Array Degraded but all disks show good

I have a Dell server with a PERC S300. One virtual disk RAID-5 with 3 drives. The virtual disk has a degraded status but all the physical disks show OK status. What gives? Which one is bad, I don't get any rebuild options.
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DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
It means that there was some sort of intermittent problem that caused the RAID controller to kick one of the disks out of the RAID set.  Look at the event log, or BIOS and/or logical RAID config.  Can't remember where it is for this controller, but there will be something that says one of the disks needs to be rebuilt.  

Common root cause is using desktop drives instead of enterprise class storage that has been tuned to work properly with this controller.

If you do have cheap desktop disks, then replace them, or you WILL lose data.  Guaranteed.  In fact, when it eventually does kick off a rebuild, you could discover that you have already lost some data.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
where are you seeing this?  in OMSA?
nac_Author Commented:
Yes, this is from OMSA. I was able to find the a disk with errors in the log so I will disconnect/reconnect it and hopefully get the option to rebuild. This was a packaged server from Dell so the drives should be enterprise class. Cross my fingers that I don't get to rebuild and restore the whole server.
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