Add a custom app to MySites for everyone to use

Hi Experts,

I am a farm admin (and an everything else admin) for our SharePoint implementation.  I want to create an Annual Goals list that would then be deployed to the MySites site collection so any user can add the Annual Goals app to their own MySite.  Clearly I'm missing something. and it's making me crazy.

I have an Annual Goal content type defined at the content type hub and published to the MySites site collection.  At the level, I can see the content type, with the only setting available on it: Advanced settings, so I know it published successfully from the content type hub.

I have a Custom List app available to me to add, so I choose that in Apps I can Add.  I title it "My Goals No. 247", since that's about how many times I've tried this.  I then go into the settings of this list and allow management of content types, accepting all other defaults.  I add the Annual Goal content type, create the view I want, then edit the "Title" field to read "Goal".  So far, so good.  I then template the list.

Where do I put that templated list so others can add that Goals list to their own MySite?  I want to make it available to the whole MySite site collection, so all users.  Nothing I have done has produced the desired result, so rather than listing all of the convoluted combinations of things I've tried, I would appreciate knowing exactly what I need to do to get that list published.  

Thanks in advance.
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Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
It's going to take a developer.  The problem is each MySite is it's own site collection, so it's not like you can stick it somewhere to be shared.  Either staple a feature on to the out of the box MySite template (probably best idea) or customize the out of the box template.

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nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
That's what I did with 2007, but 2013 doesn't play so easily.  I will pass that on to my group.  Thanks for the quick response.
nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
I did't realize that each MySite is its own site collection.  Thanks, again, for your help.
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