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I do some moonlighting on the side for basic computer repair.  I find that about once a month (maybe twice a month) I have a need to be able to remotely connect to someone's computer and see and control their desktop.  I looked into the Citrix GoToMeeting product, and they told me about their GoToAssist product, but it cost $69 a month.  They offered me a 30% discount, but even then it's just under $50 a month, and that is a little steep for me right now.  Are there any pay as you go options, or any other less expensive options out there?  I was hoping to find some sort of $9.99 a month plan for just basic remote control via the internet type of thing.  Thanks for any advice.
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You can try Team Viewer. It is free for private use. You have complete control over the remote computer. You can also set up the remote computer so you can access it without anyone being there. I use it with my family's computers that aren't so close to me.
Teamviewer has a time limit when you start using it for commercial purposes.  Your best bet for a Free solution is AmmyyAdmin - very similar to teamviewer.

I personally use Teamviewer, but have used AmmyyAdmin in the past before I decided to invest in a Teamviewer license
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Logmein is another free one.

Or you could set the computers up for remote assistance which is free full stop and a part of the operating system. (Both TeamViewer and LogMeIn are not technically free for your use as it's paid for, ergo commercial work).

Alternatively, TightVNC is free for both commercial and personal use:
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Another free option if it is only 1 computer you are connecting to is enable RDP on the computer (if possible; meaning it's not a home edition version of windows) and set up port forwarding on the router.
jbobstAuthor Commented:
I do have a client that I did setup port forwarding and remote desktop, but most of the time it is just a one time thing with a new client.  I don't mind paying for something, and probably actually prefer to pay for it.  It's just that the GoToAssist by Citrix was too much money.  I'll check into the other options mentioned.

Check out Co-pilot if you don't mind paying.

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