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iTunes 11 not installing on Windows 8 Pro

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Hello. I am trying to install iTunes on my Windows 8 machine and I get this error everytime. I have ran as admin, uninstalled and reinstalled. Tried under a different profile. I'm trying to avoid re-installing Windows.

Has anyone else ran into this issue?

If pic doesn't display, see attachment.

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I could get it to install, but it would "Stop working" on iTunes startup. I got rid of it.

Try a complete uninstall of iTunes.  Uninstall in the following order:

Quick Time
Apple Support Update
Apple Mobile Devices Update
Apple Application Support

Now restart the computer.

Download iTunes V11.0.5.5 and try to install it.

Does that work?   The steps above are commonly available from the Apple Support Site.

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It seem there is problem with the installer you are using.

What version of OS are you running?, is it 32 or 64 bit, you will need to download the corresponding version of itune.

Did you download the 64 bit version (for your 64 bit machine)?
If you get iTunes from the Apple site, it will detect your operating system correctly. If you got iTunes from another computer or another person, then the post above may well apply.

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I have 64 bit OS, and 64 bit installer. Got installer directly from Apple's website. Also tried installing via Apple software update.
Please follow the steps in my first post in order (apparently order is important)

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JayPhillips82: Great. It does not hurt to check. :-)

Now, try thinkpads_user's suggestion.
I have tried thinkpads_user's suggestion and unfortunately, that did not work either. I think I will just wait until the final release of 8.1 comes out. It works great on the preview. I'll either use iTunes on my Windows 7 machine or see if I can use it through remote apps.

Unless anyone comes up with a 100% working resolution.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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I would have to agree. Thanks for your help.
@JayPhillips82 - Thanks and I was happy to provide as much information as I could.

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FWIW,  iTunes v11 installs without any problems on Windows 8 (64 bit) here.

[Any hints from the event manager?]