DFS Replication version vector size has exceeded configured limits

Hi Experts,

In my DFS, there is a lot of warnings about the replication version vector size:

EventID: 1315
Description: The DFS Replication version vector size has exceeded configured limits, which could cause reduced replication or server performance.  A large version vector size could cause degraded DFS replication performance, poor responsiveness of DFS replication management operations,  and excessive memory and CPU resource consumption. Contact Customer Support Services to analyze the overall health of your DFS Replication deployment.

how can i fix this problem? I tried to increase the staging quota but no joy. The DFS setup consist of 2 windows 2003 R2 and 1 windows 2008 R2 server.

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Sushil SonawaneCommented:
Make sure your windows server updated with latest service pack and security updates.

Your DFS data should excluded in antivirus scan.

Please refer below link this might be help u out.

Jackie ManCommented:
Have you set disk quotas for users?
nokypleaseAuthor Commented:
nope, no quota at all
nokypleaseAuthor Commented:
what you mean exclude dfs data from av scan? the staging files or the db? i don't think i can exclude the actual user data from av scan for security concern
nokypleaseAuthor Commented:
Finally sorted after adding more and more staging area to the dfs system
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