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Sonicwall rule to push all outbound smtp traffic to specific server

i have an e5500, and would like to save myself from having to reconfigure a ton of clients outlook smtp server settings after an ISP change.

Ideally i'd like to redirect any outgoing traffic on port 25 so that it points to our ISP's new SMTP server.

Right now, I have a route setup so that any smtp traffic destined to the old ISP's server gets pushed out through the interface that's still connected to the old ISP, but that's getting shut off in a couple days.

Any help is appreciated. Haven't quite managed to wrap my head around this one.
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Thanks, I'll check it out in the morning.
I've attached two screenshots

working - this is the routing rule that i've got that is successfully routing mail that is destined to the old mail server through the old ISP (X1)

notworking - this is the nat policy where i'm attempting to route all outgoing port 25 traffic to the shaw (new isp) mail server ( on its X5 interface.

note: I didn't try these rules at the same time, i deleted the routing rule then enabled the nat policy and tried sending mail through both (old) and (new) .... the failed but the worked.
the routing rule works for both now, but once we cancel our X1 line, it wont.
You might actually be better changing the route statement if it is working.

How are your clients configured for sending email at the moment?