I need an HP laptop charger adapter, not sure where I can find it though

Hi, I have a friend who thought his charger port was broken on his notebook so he brought it down and it turns out the problem is the flex adapter, it has boken internal wires.

She originally purchased the OEM charger from stapls, (like $90) but they did not have the charger that fit her computer, so they used an adapter with a tip that did fit her laptops charger port. (as shown in photo below)

So that adapter goes on to the universal power supply plug. But I dont know where can I find the adapter that fits her laptop? It does not have any info printed on the adapter so not sure what I would search for because it would also have to be compatable with the charger that plugs in the wall as well.

The universal OEM HP  charger that staples sold her a while back has a part number of: 608428-003 but also says to replace with spare 609940-001.

Looks like this :
So the adapter has to fit into that plug and the other end has to fit into her laptop charger port. The laptops model number is HPC770US

Any ideas?
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
First, two questions:

(1)  Does she have the original (broken) charger?

(2)  Can you tell where the connection issue is on the adapter plug?    [i.e. if you "wiggle" the connections at either end does it make contact?  ... if so, is it broken at the laptop connector end or at the "plug from the charger" end ? ]

In other words, do you have a plug that will fit the laptop and has a few inches of good cable after it?

If so, just apply a bit of MacGyver skills :-)     i.e. cut the adapter cable with a few inches of cable sticking out;  CAREFULLY strip the cable so you can get to the individual wires;  strip 1/2" or so from each wire;   then cut the end connection off of the charger and repeat the process.    Be CERTAIN you're connecting the correct polarity wires, and simply connect the wires together and solder them;  then wrap with electrical tape.

You'll now have a charger that works with no intervening adapter plug.

I've done this for several old laptops, and it works just fine.     Here's an example from one I still have:

Laptop Connector
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what laptop model is this?
Zephyr ICTConnect With a Mentor Cloud ArchitectCommented:
Usually you can just search on the replacement numbers... Are you actually looking for that dongle or for the power supply to replace the dongle...

Amazon has a wide range of these adapters, as example:
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hydrive1902Author Commented:
Hi, the laptop model is HP C770US

I am only wanting to replace the dongle, I tested the power supply with a voltage meter and it works fine from end to end. The voltage is not passing through the dongle when it is plugged in, so the problem is likley a wire pulled away somewhere within the dongle.

So basically I need an adapter that connects P/N 608428-003(the chord) to the HP laptop *model C770US

I originally tried to do a repair, it held for about 10 minutes and eventually it put enought pressure on the wires to rip them again. I was going to re repair ir but figured its best to replace.

you can see where I spliced it originally, then I epoxyed it back together and wrapped it in a heat shrink tie. Looked nice till I started taking it apart again.
hydrive1902Author Commented:
also the power supply says 90 watts, so I dont know if this would work:


but that dongle says 90 watts on it, just dont know how to tell what the two sizes are at each end.
hydrive1902Author Commented:
Thanks everyone! I ended up buying


I know that will fit cus it has the sizes of both tips mentioned, I measured the original plug (the one that i showd in the photo abobe) and both tips match that dongle, so that must be the one I need!
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