deprecated entity TCharacter

I get the warnings as deprecated for the TCharacter methods like IsLower, IsDigit, ToUpper etc. The wiki suggests to use TCharHelper instead. But there are no definitions for the C++ instead defined for Delphi.
how to use TCharHelper for the above methods in C++.
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ThommyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This explains the principle of class and record helpers to extend a type...
About Class and Record Helpers

e. g. when porting from XE3 to XE4 you can get following error:

#6 [dcc32 Warning] test.pas(32): W1000 Symbol 'ToUpper' is deprecated: 'Use TCharHelper'

  BooleanVar := (ToUpper(HTML.ParamValue['testval']) = 'YES');

  BooleanVar := (HTML.ParamValue['testval'].ToUpper = 'YES');

TcharHelper simply extends the type TCHAR and its methods like isdigit or toupper can be called liked that:  

  s: string;
  if s[1].isdigit then ...
ThommyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here you can see the declarations for TCharHelper, both for Delphi and C++...
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