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Hi, i am using two different PayPal APIs on my site for two very different sections:

1 - PreApproval (PA) API
2 - Recurring Subscription Payments (RSP) API

While i was implementing the RSP api this week, i came across a new parameter called 'landingpage'

This allows you to control / set which PayPal page the user lands on when they are redirected from your site over to PayPal to make their payment:

A - 'sign in' page (displays PayPal's login form)
B - 'sign up' page (displays PayPal's sign up form which includes all of the Credit Card fields)

I would love to be able to set the 'landingpage' to B (sign up with credit card fields) for PreApprovals as i am confident that it would have a much higher conversion rate... as i am confident that some non PayPal users close the browser when they see PayPal sign in... because they do not already have accounts, however i am sure they would feel more comfortable when they see the credit card fields... because after all, they know they are being redirected to some payments gateway to make their payment so it would look better if it showed the sign up / credit card form...

Does anyone know if this is possible to set in the PreApprovals API... thanks in advance for your help
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Andrew AngellConnect With a Mentor Co-Owner / DeveloperCommented:
The process you're referring to with the landing pages is Payments Advanced.  This is a PayPal hosted solution.  Preapprovals run on the Adaptive Payments platform which is not PayPal hosted so you don't get the same sort of option.  Unfortunately, the Preapproval flow can't be adjusted like you're wanting right now.  

One thing you might want to consider is upgrading to Payments Pro.  This would allow you to process credit cards directly within your app without any redirection to PayPal at all.  You can then utilize Reference Transactions to accomplish pretty much the same thing you're doing with Preapprovals.  

Reference Transactions allow you to pass in the transaction ID of a previous authorization or sale transaction, and PayPal will pull the billing info they have saved in their system to bill whatever amount you pass with the DoReferenceTransaction request.  So instead of submitting a Pay request with a Preapproval key you would submit a DoReferenceTransaction request with a previous transaction ID for that buyer.

You can do this with Express Checkout, too, in which case you'd setup a Billing Agreement for the user during checkout and then you can run DoReferenceTransaction the same way after that.  Users would need PayPal to use this method, though.  

The combination of Payments Pro (for credit card buyers) + Express Checkout (for PayPal buyers) would give you what you're after, I think, but of course that means you'd have to redevelop your stuff.
oo7mlAuthor Commented:
Cool, many thanks...
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