Fibre ST and LC - connecting up 2 offices

Quick question to check I am doing this correctly.

I have a Fibre ST patch panel in office1 and office2. (100metres apart), no idea if multimode or single mode fibre.

I have a Procurve 2830 switch in office1 and office2 with HP SFP Modules.

I attach each switch to the fibre panel using and ST and LC multimode cable OM1.

Anything else I need to consider?
(1) fibre patch lead has red A and black B, are both of these used? / need to be plugged in the same way either side?
(2) fibre sizes? om1 om2 om3 on the patch leads matter as it's only 100m?
(3) I have no idea what fibre has been used to connect office1 to office2. The patch leads I have are multimode I believe. Can you mix?
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chris-burnsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi there,

Regarding the two plugs. Yes both are required which way round depends on how the cable between the building was spliced. Keep an eye on your switches connection light when you plug them in, if they are the wrong way around you will get no light, as soon as they are the right way around it will burst into life.

b) shouldn't matter, but if possible try to match the trunk cable.

C) Not sure on this, but never had a problem with different cables.

Hope that helps,

sanjayrajtConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Please check the cable,you can find the cable 62.5/125 micron graded index multitmode
50/125 normal multimode and 9/125 single mode .use same fiber patch code.Please check SFP boath side must be same means multimode or single mode.if you intermix fiber cable multimode and sigle mode cable and patch code .it won't work and cable connect TX to RX,RX to TX.
DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
Make sure the GBICs are the same.  The laser light they generate can be short wave or long wave.  If they aren't the same, things get fried.

(Plus one of the wavelengths can literally blind you if you look into the light, so be careful)
Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OM1 is 62.5/125
OM2 and OM3 are 50/125.

You shouldn't mix 62.5 with 50.  That means you can use OM1 with OM1 only, but you can mix OM2 with OM3.  You'll need to use both the A and B ends (one for transmit and one for receive).

All grades of multimode fibre will work over 100m if you're using SX SFPs or GBICs.
unrealone1Author Commented:
Thanks for your advice.
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