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Mac Outlook on Exchange 2010

We have a mac that links to the exchange server with Mac mail and Mac Outlook. Everyday it pulls the whole mailbox down again from day one which is rather annoying. Is there anyway of stopping this so it behaves like the PC's?
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You don't indicate if you are using POP or IMAP to access your mail accounts.

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Make sure the option to remove copies from the server is set appropriately.
Also consider only using one client for a period of time to see if there is an identity issue with the server not being sure which client it is directing to.
Some questions:

1)  Which client is exhibting this odd behaviour:  Mail, Outlook or both?

2)  Which versions are in use?

3)  How is the account created in each of the clients (POP, IMAP, Exchange)?

I would use the Exchange method of account creation given that you are using an Exchange server.  I have my account defined in both (iPhone too) and have not noticed the client app recreating the entire user database each day.
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Mail is  the problem

Will have to check version sorry

Configured for Exchange
I've thought about the problem and I think I might have an explanation.  I need you to check something in the Accounts preferences.

Select the account in question and then look under the "Advanced" tab.  Under the "Keep copies for offline viewing", which option is selected?

Does it say "Don't keep copies of any messages"?

If so, change it to:   "All messages and their attachments".

Yes, that means there will be a local store of the Exchange account data but it might also mean that your client's copy of Mail will no longer need to re-create its image of the Exchange store each time it starts.
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