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TSM sysback scheduler on AIX


I want to create a new schedule for our AIXs to make a sysback  backup to TSM. I finally found the tsm sysback licenses and now I can use it on our AIXs.

On the TSM-scheduler I created SYSBACK action type (command)  to execute on AIX side this script:

See image attached.

This script execute 'sysback -ftsm0 -x -u' and I'm not sure this is the right command I should  execute  to make a SYSBACK of rootvg or other VG on AIX? Which do you think is the right command to make this sysback?

If you see there is a parameter on the command above ' -ftsm0 ' which I found is in this place:

[root@lpar2rrd:/] cat /usr/lpp/sysback/tsm/dsm.opt.tsm0

Any, as always, brilliant idea? ;)
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Carl Dula
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If you have installed complete Sysback in TSM then first try doiing what you want using SMIT. In this way you can select the choices you want, and then view the command that it is going to execute. You can take that command and execute using "at" or any other scheduler you want.
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OK Wmp!! That's what I needed... Thanks