Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 Mail FLow Questions

Currently migrating from exchange 2007 to exchange 2013, and have a few questions regarding mail flow settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

first, I see that the 2007 accepted domains show up in the 2013 EAC.  Do I need to re-create these in 2013 or are they already/automatically added/converted to 2013 even after 2007 decomission ?

second, I see the email address policies are also listed, same question as above do i need to re-create or export/import these like the 2007 transport rules ?

Third as far as send connectors I want to do a staged cut over of SMTP, do i need to create a new send connector in 2013 add my 2 2013 mailbox servers and select proxy throug cas(managment wants this), and then when ready to cut over add the 2013 mailbox servers to the 2007 send connector and remove the 2007 Hub transport servers ?

Recipient connectors, in 2007 the hub servers are using the defaults nothing crazy, ie: no relay of scanners or anything.  Do i need to edit or modify the 2013 recipient connectors on the CAs and mailbox servers ? for example enable annonymous ? or configure anything for the 2007 mailboxes during coexistance ?

THe OAB for 2013 how do i create it in 2013 and what do i have to do to replicate it from 2007 ?

i know this is allot but any insite or advice would be great.  
thank you in advance.
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mndthegap1Author Commented:
thank you for the post its appreciated.
I read through the doc but it is mostly about preparation and planning and info gathering for 2007.

I didn't see anything that specifically answered my questions.

the page was good, answers my question about send connectors but since it doesn't actually address the questions about email policies and accepted domains, im assuming 2013 improved on 2010 and the settings are kept even once 2007 is removed.

the 2013 OAB was created which answered the above question but brought up a few more.

currently running a exchange 2007 to exchange 2013 migration and questions regarding the OAB.   on 2007 we have the Default Offline address book, and 4 other address lists for different branch locations assigned to different databases.

when installing 2013 it created a default offline address list (2013) which is assigned to the first created database.

Do these automatically replicate or do I need to add the 2013 mailbox server to the distribution tab on the 2007 server ? if so do I have to put the 2013 cas and mbx or just mbx ?

as far as the other 4 created OAB lists for each branch I have just configured the 2013 databases with the 4 corresponding OAB lists.

when all users are migrated over to 2013 can I just do a move from 2007 to the 2013 MBX server ?
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
For OAB, make sure all DB's are configured to Default Offline Address Book, else 2013 will create it and can generate lot of traffic when user starts downloading it.

check this too

Also use deployment assistant tool
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Most Exchange settings are stored in the domain, so you don't have to import or recreate anything. Sometimes you have to upgrade the settings to the new version, but Exchange will tell you that you need to do that, and you can usually only do it after the old version has been removed. To be safe, modify settings on the older version until you are ready to remove it.

Transport Rules should come across, no need to export those.

The receive connector should have anonymous already enabled on it. Do check though.
For Send Connector, a staged cutover isn't really going to work. Exchange will want to use the higher version for sending email out. Therefore you need to ensure that Exchange 2013 is ready with the correct NAT, PTR etc because as soon as you add it to the connector it will be used. (again connectors are domain wide).


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