how do I resolve error can't locate loadable object for module win32::lanman in @INC contains

I received an iso file with WASSP (Windows Automated Security Scanning Program (software)) software on it
I mounted it on a linux server to get the contents of the software program
I zipped the files/folders
I then copied the zip file to a windows 2003 server
unzipped the files/folders
Executed the runwassp.bat script as indicated in the readme.txt file

It gave the following error message:
can't locate loadable object for module win32::Lanman in at INC contains: <directory paths>
compilation failed in require at <something something> line 5
Begin failed --compilation aborted at line 5 press any key to continue

I looked at line 5 in the script and it reads:
use win32::lanman

Could someone help me resolve this issue I am not familiar with the software or Perl
sikyalaSenior Database AdministratorAsked:
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Suhas .QA ManagerCommented:
You get this error when the module win32::lanman is not installed in your machine.
sikyalaSenior Database AdministratorAuthor Commented:
how would I get it installed
I looked at line 5 in the script and it reads:
use win32::lanman
Is that exactly how it's in the script?  Perl is case sensitive so that use statement should be:
use Win32::Lanman;

Open in new window

If the module was not installed, I'd expect the error to be:
Can't locate Win32/ in @INC

can't locate loadable object for module
That normally indicates that you're missing one or more supporting (.dll or .so) files that the module needs.  I've never used that module so I can't say what support file(s) it needs.

I was going to suggest that you (re)install the module via cpan, but I can't find it there, so you may need to talk with the people that supplied the iso.
With a little more searching, I did find it on cpan, but it hasn't been maintained in over 10 years so "buyer beware".


I'm sure there are several other modules that are currently being maintained which could be used as a replacement.

CPAN search for Win32 modules

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sikyalaSenior Database AdministratorAuthor Commented:
ok thanks great info
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