Crystal Reports 8.5 Developer Parameter Issue

Have a report that works fine in every sense right up until the client wants me to change the parameter setting from Discrete to Discrete & Range of Values under the setting known as Options under the Parameter Field Settings. When I do that the error is thrown.

"A number currency amount, boolean, date, time, date-time or string is required here."

It is posted right in front of the {?RptTerr} for which I changed the parameter for
in this line  ........   s = s & comma & {?RptTerr}(i)

Here is the formula:
dim i as number
dim s as string
dim comma as string

for i = 1 to UBound({?RptTerr})
s = s & comma & {?RptTerr}(i)
comma = ", "

formula = s

Any ideas how I can utilize the Discrete and Range of Values and what I might need to do in order to fix this.
Fletcher BurdineTableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Asked:
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try using Minimum and Maximum

I don't think a range gets passed in as an array

Try it this way
s =  Minimum({?RptTerr}) + ", " + Maximum({?RptTerr})

You may also have to check if a range or discrete value was entered.

Fletcher BurdineTableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
As always you make me look like I am worth something more than I may actually be. Thanks for the help. I actually remember that problem now that you brought it up. I had forgotten the solution. Thank you sir.
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