Just installed a new computer to a user, he kept his outlook version 2007. Work for a couple of days but today: after about 5 secondes an email got in his Inbox, it gets shit-deleted! I can see them in the recovery tool.
I deleted every rule he had and they still get deleted.
Before he was automatically transfering his email to a pst. but if it is that "ghosts" rule, why would he have been fine for 3 days?
I turned off his computer and in my outlook attach his account. Same problem!!!
What can I do. I know I could deleted his outlook account and recreate it but that's last resort and I want to make sure he doesn't loose emails.
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You mention recovered deleted email... so I assume that you have Exchange in the organization? Although I know that any rules applied by the server wouldn't cause the email to appear in the Inbox and then be moved... check OWA for any odd rules.

Also, what about anti-virus program? Can you disable it on either device and see if that helps?
philjansAuthor Commented:
exchange 2003
In owa there is no rules showing up
Antivirus, only microsoft essential which doesnt do mapi
The new email stays in the inbox for 30 secondes then gets deleted.
If I recover an email, I have less then 30 seconds to move it to a pst before it gets deleted!
Magnus BIT-supportCommented:
Does the user have any other mailclient that reads the emails? Phone? Tablet? Other computer?
It could be that some other client is downloading the emails and removes them from server.

Just try changing password for the user and see if the emails stay.


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philjansAuthor Commented:
That would have been good so I did change the password and same problem.
The email gets deleted at exactly 30 secondes! There must be an algorithm whose playing around here.
philjansAuthor Commented:
In AD I also tried disabling
Mobile Service
 1outlook mobile access  
 2 user initiated synch
 3 up-to-date notifications and also
the protocols
 2 pop3
 3 imap4
Just to be sure it was not a funny user trick... but so far same problem
philjansAuthor Commented:
I tried in AD to delete the mailbox of the user. Then in Exchange I saw it with a red X in front. Then I recreated the mailbox but I am afraid it simply just reactivated the same mailbox.
Is it possible to completely remove the whole mailbox, not see it anymore! then recreate it?
I ran a CleanUpAgent but it was still showing in red?
One point to add to MadJax's suggestion (which is a solid one) - Did you restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store after changing the password?

While I don't have a lot of experience with Exchange 2003, in 2007 and greater, the InfoStore performs AD caching for up to 2 hours, so any changes to AD can take up to 2 hours before Exchange will pick up on them. It is possible that any other devices might still be logged to the mailbox.

Now, removing the mailbox, not sure how that works with the above caching...
philjansAuthor Commented:
Got it!
When Madjax you suggested to check for other devices, yes I just changed his pc and it was that pc that was on my bench still logged in under his name and his outlook opened. It is programmed to transfer emails from exchange to a pst so that's the one!
I was just surprise that after changing his password, his outlook could still access his mailbox?? I guess that once it is open, unlike a file on the network, it keeps the access till outlook closes.
I shut down the computer and now all is good.
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