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I have been tasked with researching and recommending a VOIP PBX for our company.  I am trying to research all available options, but there seems to be a lot of different choices on the market.  I would like to hear what people are currently using.  Could you please advise what VOIP system your company currently has in place and if the sound quality, up-time and ease of use are where they should be.  

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!
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We use a Windows based system called 3CX. It was very easy to set up and configure, and has been working perfectly for the past 12 months. The only downtime we've had was in the following circumstances:

1. When the host PC needed to be rebooted after installing windows updates (a few minutes out of hours)
2. When one of our ADSL connection went down; however we switched the VOIP connection over to our FTTC connection and were back online in about 10 minutes.

We use VOIP-Unlimited for voice traffic. They offer great value, especially if the majority of your calls are inbound. Otherwise I'd recommend Spitfire.
You are correct, there are TONS of options out there.  They range from Commercial options from Cisco, Adtran, Shoretell, NEC Panasonic and Microsoft to the open source distributions such as Asterisk, FreeSwitch and YATE, to packed versions of these like FreePBX and PBXinaFlash.  

So you if you can be a little more informative as to your requirements, maybe we can offer some advise.
krhoades7601Author Commented:
In our corporate office there are around 35 phones and in our remote location there are around 30 phones.  It would be nice to unify both locations, but we are mainly concerned with the corporate office as we currently have an old Toshiba Strata and I believe it is on it's last leg!  We have around 14 POTS lines.  I am hesitant to go strictly VOIP.  Maybe a hybrid so we can have some POTS lines and then VOIP lines (I do have redundant Internet connections via two different providers, but I don't know if VOIP would run across them and be of quality).  I would like to have the ability for caller information to pop up on Customer Service's screens, ability to see who is available at a glance, voice mail to email, call forwarding...like a fine me follow me, direct inward dial (if the customer wants...the Managers still believe in someone answering the switchboard), a way to make mobile users more uniform with us, and being able to pull some kind of reporting on the calls we receive every month.
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I would suggest you look at the Asterisk based PBXinaFlash open source project.  

For the server maybe a Supermicro SuperServer 5015A-HB  Don't scrimp on memory.

For the Phones lines I would suggest a Sangoma Vegastream gateway, but I would also look at PRI or SIP termination for that many lines.

Then your phone sets are going to be you holy war.  I like Cisco, Polycom and Aastra.  Others will have other ideas including the Yealinks, Digiums, and Linksys products.

Hope this helps..

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krhoades7601Author Commented:
So I would call the phone company and say I need those lines moved to a PRI? and then I would not have a VOIP provider or use my Internet connection?
Yes --  A PRI 23 channels or T1 24 Channels would take the place of or be used with a SIP Provider..  Depending on service levels and Broadband capabilities in your area this can be a great solution.

krhoades7601Author Commented:
Phonebuff, thanks for the input!
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