Windows Server 2012 Proxy Settings Policy not working correctly on clients

Hi everybody!

My Windows Server domain policies work flawlessly except a single one: the one to set clients' proxy ip and port.

I set it correctly (I think) but then is not applied.

It's in User Configuration --> Preferences --> Control Panel Settings --> Internet Settings

And I've added the policy for the correct versions of IE we have, narrowing it down to the single client I'm testing with (IE10 for the client with IE10): no luck.

What can I do to give further details to solve the problem?

If I check rsop.msc everything looks perfect and I get no errors.

When I go and check internet options the corret ip and port (and exceptions) are not set.

Clients are Windows 7 32 bit updated to the last patch.

Thanks for your time and patience.
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Rob StoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Figured it out, the GPP once created won't update the proxy server address/port, so if you create it without that field being green, your stuffed!

Delete it, recreate a new one, and on the proxy connection tab press F6 so all the fields are green, enter the details, click advanced to get the proxy bypass details, etc and fill that in (that page doesn't have any green lines). Save, update the policy and away you go!

Remember, if you delete a GPP that the client will retain those settings until they are overwritten with a new policy.
Rob StoneCommented:
In RSOP does the Proxy settings show at all?

Have you tried creating a test GPO with just the Proxy settings and linking it to an OU?

If I get a chance over the weekend I'll setup a test W7 machine and deploy a GPO to that to check if it works on my lab.

There are a bunch of steps here which may help too:
ltpittAuthor Commented:
I have tried many things but as soon as I am in the front of pc and server again I'll write everything down here.

Thanks for the ultrakind help :)
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Rob StoneCommented:
I've setup my test lab and I'm scratching my head too!

The Connections tab works fine, and the Proxy exception but the proxy server and port remain blank. Pressing F5 or F6 doesn't underline the preferences in green like on other screens.

I'll keep having a play.
ltpittAuthor Commented:
Oh, my.

God bless you.
Rob StoneCommented:
No problem :)
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