Excel Graph - Overlay Bar Chart & Line Chart, displaying multiple dimensions (geography & time)

Hi experts,

I'm trying to create an Excel chart/graph showing the following (see mock-up image - I got the bars working, but am struggling with the dots/lines):

Grouped by Region we'd like to see:

1) 5 bars (4 bars for the previoius 4 Quarters, and the last bar representing the last month) - that was simple enough to create
2) Within each region I'd like to plot averages on all the bars that represent the previous 4 Quarters (and either display them as dots, or dots connected with a line).

The calculation for the Quarterly averages is quite straight forward (Quarter Value / 3)

Your help would be much appreciated!
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Ejgil HedegaardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A bit tricky, but possible.
I have made a description of how to in the sheet.
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