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LINQ statement help should be rather simple

Hello all,

I am using entity framework and I have entities with navigation properties aka table keys.   I have the following statement:

var loans = _uow.Loans.GetAll().Where(loan => loan.PoolID == poolId
                   && loan.IsActive && (!loan.LoanWorkflows.All(lw => lw.LoanId == loan.LoanID && 
                         lw.PoolWorkflowId == poolWorkflow.PoolWorkflowId)));

This is not working as I am expecting.   So what I want is I want all active Loans from the Loans table that do not have a corresponding record in the LoanWorkflows table where Loan.LoanId = LoanWorkflow.LoanId and LoanWorkflow.PoolWorkFlowId = the passed in value I have above for that.   Also there might not be at all a LoanWorkflowId object it may be null but I think that would be handled.   My statement right now is not working right for example if I have a truncated LoanWorkflow table I am getting 0 loans back that is not right.

Thanks all.
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thank you
Not a problem, glad I was able to help.