Siemens Call Center HiPath 3800 in two countries - voice communications issue

Hi all,

I have two sites. One site is located in Eastern Europe and the other in Western Europe.

West Europe:

1 x HiPath3800 and 150 agents (digital - nonip telephones)
1 x 1500 VOIP card
5 'agents' connected to East Europe 1500 card (ip phones)

East Europe:

1 x HiPath3800 and 50 agents (digital - nonip telephones)
1 x 1500 VOIP card
5 'agents' connected to West Europe 1500 card (ip phones)


Via our site-to-site VPN through the internet we have voice degradation when the line is over loaded - when the line is not used or used very little, sufficient voice communication occurs.

We want to increase the amount of agents that connect to the corresponding site's PBX to be 30 each.

What changes in our infrastructure do we need to do?
Any tips would greatly help.
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If the overloading on the Internet VPN is due to traffic to and from your sites, then you can do what many of my clients have done - put in a second Internet access circuit at each location and dedicate it to the voice traffic.  If enough bandwidth is available and not used by any data traffic, then voice quality is only subject to the core Internet issues (congested routes, etc.) that you have no control over, anyway.  Thus, although you don't have end to end QoS, it typically performs better than shared access.  If you can get both Internet circuits from the same carrier, it will perform even better, although I suspect that will be unlikely in your situation.

The alternative is private networking such as MPLS where true QoS is possible, but availability and cost are directly related to which countries you are in.

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First you need to check how many HG Card B channel licence you have normally it will come with 2B,8B channel licence.that means at a time  analog or digital phone to IP phone calls 2 call or 8 call possible a time you can upgrade this licences up to 32B channel.Then only VPN will work perfectly and digital to IP phone call will work at a time 32 node.And check you internet usage and reserve the bandwidth for proper VPN communication.
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