Sharing an Outlook Archive PST file

I use Office 365 for my email and connect using Outlook 2010 on a few different PC's.  I have an Archive folder that I manage manually, and would like to have it available on all the PC's I use.  I tried putting it in my Dropbox folder, but that didn't work.  Is there a way to share the PST among all my PC's?

I know Exchange Online does offer an Archiving feature, but it doesn't work with the standard retail version of Outlook.
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Any version of Outlook that opens a .PST file will lock it so it can't be changed by any other program.  That's a long way of saying you can't have the .PST file opened in more than one instance of Outlook.
Magnus BIT-supportCommented:
If you have a computer that can host a file share, you can place the PST in that location and that will work, as long as you're only opening it from one computer at a time.  If you require the ability to open the file simultaneously between multiple workstations, then Madjax's recommendation may be an option.
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
i don't think that software is what you want

looks as though it allows changed items in a pst on one computer to be synchronized on another computer though the goal here (based on the original post) is to have the pst file available for multiple users to access mail or other items

i just tried this in a test environment and got the software to work between 2 machines though outlook on one opened the pst but while opening on the other said it couldn't access it because it was in use

as paul stated, outlook does an r/w lock on the file.  one thought i had was, are you able to create another mailbox and place these messages there since you can grant multiple users access to that mailbox?  didn't know if that's an option for you
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
PST files on a network share are not supported and the quickest way to lose the data.

More on the same subject:

Personally I see no difference between deleting the data and storing it in a PST file, it will be lost eventually.

If the information it contains is of any value, then your best option is to put it back in to Office365, perhaps as an additional mailbox. Then you will be able to access it everywhere. If it is of no value, delete it.

Office365 mailbox sizes are being doubled, so you may have more space than you realise.

As above, a PST can only be opened by one Outlook Profile at a time.

How many PCs are we talking about here 2, 3, 5, 10?

If you have only 5 PCs, I would simply Copy the PST 5 times
Once to each PC

Typically you would have 1 pc you use more than the others?
How often would you update the archive?

For me I would update the arrive on the PC I use them most

The simply copy over the other existing Copys on the other PCs
Create another mailbox as your "archive" and attach it to each Outlook as an additional mailbox. Put all your stuff in it.
That allows every Outlook to access it - all at once if needed.

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tmckinney01Author Commented:
Thank you to all the answers.  There wasn't one that was the total solution for me, but in total all the answers helped me to understand the whole PST topic much better.
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