Using OpenDNS Umbrella for web filtering, however, web filtering policy that I have set does not apply to my AD users when there TCP/IP is set to DHCP, and there DNS is set to Obtain DNS automaticall

I am testing this product. I have Active Directory in my environment, and meet all the requirements. I am testing with a subset of AD users, and the web filtering seem to apply just fine if i were to set the client TCP/IP (screenshot) to have there DNS pointed to the Virtual appliance that I have created. I have DHCP scope defined as well. How do I configure the VA, or AD, or DHCP scope so that I can set the TCP/IP for the AD user machine to Obtain both IP and DNS automatically, and still pick up the web-filtering policy i have set for Umbrella, when the user logs into the domain?
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1. You need to change your dhcp settings to redirect dns to opendns dns servers.

2. You need to add a firewall rule to block all dns enquery except opendns servers ip addresses. So force clients to use opendns's dns servers.
just in case it is unclear : the change 1 mentioned above is made on the SERVER. launch the dhcp snapin and instruct the server to provide opendns's ips to your clients.

alternatively, you can also disable the recursive resolver on your existing dns server and setup opendns as a forwarder.

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