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Notify manager when admin adds meeting to calendar

Using Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2010.  Admin was given permissions to calendar of manager directly not through delagate option in Outlook.  Admin can add meetings fine.  Manager wants to be notified when a meeting is scheduled.  Currently they'll be notified when people accept.  Is there a way to set it up so when the admin schedules the manager gets either a meeting forward notice or a rule runs to email them of the new meeting.

I've tested this and with some accounts a meeting forward notice is sent but on this one it is not.
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This is one of the known down sides for giving someone direct access to their calendar allowing them to creating meetings as them

Because the Admin is making a direct booking in the calendar, the organizer is in fact the Manager, not the Admin

As such the Manager would not get notified that a meeting has been added

It would be just like going into your calendar yourself, and creating an appointment
Because you created the appointment there's no need to notify you, right.

There are two ways to work around this and both are by some user training or discipline

The first and foremost way would be:
For the Manager, Who given someone else access to make direct booking for them, to keep an regular and watchful eye on their appointments in their calendar. By managing your calendar better the user is more aware of appointments they have approaching. They could also increase the Reminder time of their appointments

Doing this will make sure they get notified more than 15 minutes before a new meeting has been added for them

The Second Way:
Although the admin is adding the appointment directly.
Still get the admin to get in the practice of adding the manager as an Required attendee.
This will make sure they get notified there is a meeting.

Also by doing this you could setup a rule in outlook, when meeting related message arrives, display a specific message in alert Windows (i.e. A NEW APPOINTMENT HAS BEEN ADDED)
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Would making them a delagate with calendar permissions help.

Is there any issue with adding the organizer as an attendee that you know of?  It won't cause any other calendar oddities for the manager?
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