Making a COM DLL

I have  a third party DLL which is not COM enabled, so I decided to make my own DLL which would be COM enabled and pass through the calls.

I have referenced the third party DLL, created the constructor methods, and all of the pass-through functions. I am need some help with what to do next to make sure this is built correctly so it will be usable from Excel VBA.
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Michael FowlerConnect With a Mentor Solutions ConsultantCommented:
This discussion provides a very good answer on this

This miscrosoft article may also help, it is for VB.Net but the concept is the same

leonstrykerAuthor Commented:
Generally yes, although with the newer version of Visual Studio its a bit different. I managed to create the DLL, but the issue now is that I am having a hard time with passing through arrays, but that's a different question. Thank you.
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