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I have multiple users that want to connect to a shared mailbox from their mobile phone using ActiveSync in addition to their own mailbox.

Is there any guidance from Microsoft on allowing multiple users to access a shared mailbox using Activesync?
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Nick RhodeConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
Interesting article to provide 2 options.  As for syncing the shared mailbox I believe it was announced this month actually that ActiveSync does not support shared mailboxes.  In essence meaning syncing 1 account will not open multiple mailboxes etc.
I don't know of any specific guidance from Microsoft, but I am not aware of any issues with this.  This is pretty common when you consider how many devices someone might connect with today to just their own mailbox.  They might use their phone, tablet and computer.  

The only potential issues I could see is the two users doing the same thing at the same time, which just might cause some errors being logged, but otherwise shouldn't present a problem.
While it may not support for a shared mailbox, there's nothing that prevents someone from adding a 2nd activesync account to connect to this "shared" mailbox.
Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Whether you can access another mailbox comes down to the implementation of ActiveSync be the provider. Nothing to do with Microsoft, they don't really care.
Some devices allow multiple ActiveSync accounts, some do not. I know I can on my Blackberry 10, but it fails on others.

As already pointed out, just see if you can add an additional ActiveSync mailbox. The shared account will need to be enabled and the password known, which is a downside to that method.

Everyone says it should be possible but noone says actually how. From my experience AtiveSync isn't possible however I was able to make it work with IMAP and login domain\username\sharedmailbox although only on WP8 device. We weren't able to make it work on Android phone.
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