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We have several workstations both xp and win7 in our domain that have had the " My Document" folder properties changed to point to a network share.  I'm wanting to determine which ones without physically having to touch each one.

What is the best way to do this ?  

Thanks ..

Joel T Brown
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giorgio71Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Joel,

Is the network share a single known share or may it be different from computer to computer?
If its a single know share then the directories under this share will have the My Documents folder 'owned' by the user thereby identifying which workstations are connecting.

You are likely doing this through a GPO.  First you need to identify which GPO is doing this.  Then look at the settings to determine what the path or drive letter is that you're using for the redirection.

jtbrown1111Author Commented:
The property modifications were made by hand on each workstation and not by a GPO which I'm now attempting to do.   I want to make sure to get all the documents back to the local profile before I push the folder redirect out to those users affected ......

Thanks ....

piattndConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't believe you'll need to do this, but you'll want to test to confirm.  See the following quote from the following URL:

Allow Folder Redirection to perform all the moving of folders and files when you select a folder for redirection or change the target network share to which you redirect the folder. The Folder Redirection client not only moves files to the appropriate network share, but it also sets proper folder security and renames entries in the Offline Files cache database so that they continue to link to the correct target folders and files. Any files pinned by the user in the Offline File Cache stay pinned.
You can setup a login script that will run when a user logs on.
You need the registry key HKCU\software\microsoft\windows\currentcontrolset\explorer\shell folders\ keys within.

After each user logs, the script can write the information into a shared file.
You can then look at the file.
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