Windows NT 4 Workstation

Ok, so I know it's not 1996 anymore, but I have a massive problem here.
I need to get a PC that will run NT4 Workstation.

It cannot be a VM, due to some particular 16bit hardware that is also required and cannot work in a VM environment.

It cannot be upgraded to a later version due to some software that must run, and driver availability for some very old hardware.

The system must remain as is.  The existing PC has finally given up after 14 years of operation.

So, anyone know where I can get a PC?  Please don't say 'the Ark', or 'Try a time machine' ;)

Many Thanks
Samantha SmithAsked:
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I would think that most anything that will work with XP will work with NT 4.  NT4 was the code base that XP was built from.  NT won't have support for the usb drivers, and probably won't see hard drives over 128gb, but it should be fine with even a decommissioned XP workstation.

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Samantha SmithAuthor Commented:
That sounds good - I'll give it a go.  Thanks.
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