AIX Secure File Delete (shred)

Looking for secure file delete utility for AIX. I am not looking to wipe a disk but rather securely erase specific files.
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use "srm", a free Open Source tool:

Download the rpm packaged binary here:

Don't worry about its name containing "aix5.1". It will run under all AIX versions.

Once you downloaded it run

rpm -ivh srm-1.2.11-1.aix5.1.ppc.rpm

Now you will find the "srm" tool in /usr/bin

Here is the usage info:

Usage: srm [OPTION]... [FILE]...
Overwrite and remove (unlink) the files.

  -d, --directory       ignored (for compatability with rm(1))
  -f, --force           ignore nonexistant files, never prompt
  -i, --interactive     prompt before any removal
  -x, --one-file-system do not cross file system boundaries
  -s, --simple          overwrite with single pass using 0x00
  -P, --openbsd         overwrite with three passes like OpenBSD rm
  -D, --dod             overwrite with 7 US DoD compliant passes
  -E, --doe             overwrite with 3 US DoE compliant passes
  -r, -R, --recursive   remove the contents of directories
  -v, --verbose         explain what is being done
  -h, --help            display this help and exit
  -V, --version         display version information and exit

Have fun!

gskortzAuthor Commented:
Works as advertised. Appreciate the detailed response.
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