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server swap-out - SBS2003 to SBS2008, includes exchange

Just wanted to get someone else's opinion on what I'm going to do to swap out SBS2003 with SBS2008 e/w Exchange - < than 40 users.

I have an spare IP address that I can use for WAN connection. Using a gateway/router, I plan on duplicating the inside IP addresses ( so I can install, register and promote the new SBS2008 to a DC without interfering with existing SBS2003 DC.

I "believe" I can setup the exchange server, DNS, etc. on the "test" network and once user id's are entered (manual), files are copied over to same drive letters/share names, Users directories (I will change permissions based on new id's) I "think" or I "hope" I can remove the old SBS2003 server, swap patch cords and the new SBS2008 will/should work.

I plan on removing the 32 existing desktops from the existing domain back to workgroup, then promote them back to the new SBS2008 server (DC). I plan on using the same server name, ip address, etc to limit network changes.

Good idea or Not??????

Your thoughts/advice are appreciated. It's a small network so I believe this is the easiest way - ????

Thanks in advance.
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This is a lot more work than doing a migration.  new domain would only be better in cases of under 10 desktops.  And why SBS 2008 and not SBS 2011?  SBS 2008 is just about to be out of mainstream support.
 you also haven't mentioned how you're going to move mail
Suggesting you contact  They have a method of moving from any version of SBS (or Windows Server) to any other version without risking the orginal server and allowing you to fall back at any time.  Indeed, the orginal server remains intact until you do the switch.  Maintains the same domain and all of the in-place settings, but does not move over any part of Windows, just the Active Directory and user data.
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Technically, it's called SBS2010, but the desktop shows server 2008.  Looked at sbsmigration, and seems to be the way to go.
No...there is no such thing as SBS 2010....There is SBS 2008 based on Server 2008 and Exchange 2007 and there is SBS 2011 which has server 2008 R2 and Exchange 2010. certainly is one way to go.  Jeff Middleton is my friend and fellow SBS MVP.  What is your goal at the end of this because you can't keep the SBS 2003 up and running at the end of this effort.  Whether you go with the standard Microsoft method or the method, there is no downtime involved.
two mai ways to move from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 or 2011:

1 - Migration
Install the new server along side the existing one and use the wizards to migrate the existing domain to the new server.

2 - new systems
Install the new server as if it'/s a brand new system by creating a new domain etc.

Both options have their merits and are preferred in certain situations.

Option 2 isn't too much hassle if you only have a small number of PCs/users, or would be best if your existing system has issues/problems you don't want to replicate.

Option 1 is the official option and means your users/PCs/mailboxes are simply 'moved' instead of being completely messed around, but needs a bit more knowledge to successfully pull off.

You appear to be considering option 2. Have you considered why you are planning this method?
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Sorry - You're right - SBS2011 with Exchange 2010 - nothings the same anymore. My thought for creating the new system off/line (separate ip then move) was to make sure I didn't migrate over any problems from the old SBS2003 server.

The original SBS2003 seemed a little more user friendly on setup with the wizard prompting for items to be included in the install (DHCP, Exchange, SharePoint, etc.). I have seen no options yet other than adding roles from the system console page. I did not see an option to add Exchange and may have made a mistake by installing it from the 2nd DVD where other options such as Fax Server, etc are found. I have found no reference to license administration like found on SBS2003 to add additional CAL's - but still looking

Don't have a lot of desktops on site (21), only about 30 users. This cust has lot's of "temp" users during the year, where they want to continue to receive mail/share inbox and it's really become a mess. So - installing new server and starting fresh seemed to be the way to go.

I have purchased the single project from sbsmigration, but now need to find a temp system to use as a transition machine to migrate if I go that route.

Thanks for all the responses, I'm still trying to figure the best way to upgrade to SBS2011

Thanks in advance again.
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Cris Hanna
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I did find the following regarding adding CAL packs to the server:

'Licenses do not get 'applied' to SBS11, that is correct. Licenses are documents your keep in a drawer to know your use of the server is 'proper'.

I "just thought" it was like SBS 2003. Also - it's apparent the first try, something went wrong so I will do a fresh install and make sure I follow the wizards to a "T". Seems everything that I find state that "if" I didn't do that, there will be problems and it's best to "redo".

So - as usual, I appreciate all the responses and the ability to bounce ideas off of you all.

Thanks to all for responding to my questions - this is a great site for folks!