Deploy SSRS Report

I've created an SSRS report using Visual Studio 2005.
I now need to deploy the report as HTML so that our Marketing Department can view it.
I am not sure of the steps to make it viewable to them.

There are only two members in the marketing department and I am not sure how I make the link accessible to them as well as how I ensure that only those two individuals can run it.
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ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
I'd recommend to take some time and read this through, it contains some info on how to deploy reports through the Report Manager: Report Deployment Checklist

In case you'd like to deploy from VS2005: How to: Set Deployment Properties (Report Designer)

And here's how you can give the users access to the Report Manager: How to: Create, Delete, or Modify a Role Assignment (Report Manager)
Do you have "control" of the SSRS server and setup?

Basically, you need to deploy (push) the report to SSRS from Visual Studio and then perhaps setup security to the 2 marketing people to be able to execute the report from their browser.

A quick look at the Visual Studio Solution Explorer, top right, right click and properties of the highest level in the heirarchy will show you the settings that this reprot is set up for publishing.

If the values there are filled in with Http:'s then that is "most likely" the place where your SSRS resides. But you need to fill in these details to actually get the rdl and datasets and data sources over to your SSRS.

It is quite involved to get from where you are to where you want to be.
I think perhaps a wee Google around deploying SQL 2005 reports would be wise.

There are fish hooks everywhere, but once you've cracked it, you should be away laughing.

Hope this helps.
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