Outlook 2007 Migration problems

a client gave me 2 laptops. Both are Windows 7 Home Premium using MS Office Enterprise 2007. I copied outlook.pst and archive.pst from the old PC in the \Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook folder and put it in the new PC's \User\NAME\My Documents\Outlook folder.
There are 3 POP3 email accounts. 2 from one ISP and 1 from another. When I initially opened Outlook on the new PC I had to create all 3 of the accounts. They are all configured [as they are on the old PC] to keep all mail on the server and only delete when removed from the deleted folder.
When I had completed the configuration of Outlook, and pressed send/receive email, it started to download email from the server. When it was all done, we ended up with dupes of all the emails.
The owner of the laptop called me up and says that one of the email addresses has no contacts [?] and that it just doesn't seem right.
We still have the old laptop.
I need to get this right, so I need to know the best practices for transferring all the email, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, etc. from one PC to another.
Thanks in advance.
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Hi Rich,
              You can use Import/export wizard to copy contacts from old laptop. But I think user might missing autocomplete addresses. When we move Outlook from one PC to another make sure you are importing .NK2 file otherwise email address will not fill automatically and users assume that they lost their contacts
This should be location where you can find this .NK2 file and then copy to new laptop. You might need to rename this file if you renamed email profile on new laptop.
C:\Users\[User Profile]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook
The name of the NK2 file is identical to the Outlook profile name, with .nk2 extension.

I hope this will help you
I agree with Paul here.

Also, if the user still has duplicates

While you have the access to the users PC/Mailbox I would also run a Email De-Dupe Tool.

There are several free ones listed on the Slipstick site that will sort this for you
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Issue with duplicates is that when you copy PST files to a new profile, POP3 server does not know that the messages have already been downloaded and thus, will be downloaded again.  You could use third party utilities to delete duplicates.  In future what you should do is download all messages on to the old laptop, delete messages from POP3 server and then create new profile on new laptop and attach the PST file.

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RSchiererAuthor Commented:
I checked the outlook folder on the old laptop and there is no .NK2 file. What is the best way to transfer Outlook from one laptop to another?
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