Connecting a Bogan TPU-100B amp to a Hosted VOIP Phone System

A client of mine is having a Hosted VOIP phone system installed. He is moving from an old Analoge phone system that's been breaking down.

Here are the components he has:

1 x Cisco SPA232D Multi-Line DECT ATA
7 x Polycom IP331 w/power supplies
1 x Panasonic TGP500
3 x 3 TGP50 handsets
1 x Bogen TPU-100B paging system

I spoke with Bogen support and they mentioned I need a Bogen UTI1.  They also mentioned needing FXS or FXO which allows the two systems to connect.

Can anyone provide info on exactly how these components connect and how the final system should look?
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Tony GiangrecoAsked:
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jplagensConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I set this up for an on-premise Cisco Voip system awhile back.  You do need the UT1 device.  The amp plugs into the UT1 and then you plug the UT1 into an FXS port on the phone system.  In the phone system I configured a "dummy" extension and assigned it to the FXS port.  Then users would call the "dummy" extension to page.  

If it's a hosted solution you would have to ask the carrier what equipment do you need to supply or what equipment can they supply to give you an FXS port for an analog line.
Tony GiangrecoAuthor Commented:
I was assuming the Cisco SPA232D Multi-Line DECT ATA would provide the FXS port. Am I correct?
It should. As long as you can plug a standard analog phone into it, get dial tone, and assign it an extension.  The Bogen basically treats it like a phone on speakerphone.
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