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Strange Trace Route Stutter

I am doing trace routes, within a WAN.  To WAN egress the results are great.  Each hop beyond closest router is 25-28 MS.  really good.

Whats odd is the way the trace route results are being reported on the screen.  I am used to response - new line-pause-response . .  . . .  with the delays coming where you would expect.

But what I am getting is more of a partial line - pause - finish of line. Start of next line-pause-
Picture a good set of responses but a start/stop/start/stop feel to what is being reported, but in the middle of lines - not where you would expect.

And when it's all done, it all looks great. But it was almost painful getting there.  Make sense?

Windows 2008 R2 domain, combination of XP and Win 7 computers.  At this point, it appears everything is functioning nominally.  Server is fine, surfing internally and Internet seem good.

At first I thought it was a Win 7 thing, because up until recently I had been doing most of this type network monitoring on an XP computer. But I get the same stuttery response on both Win7 and XP boxes.
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The pause some time happens in the middle of a line, and host name always resolves.  But that's a good idea about the -d switch. I'll try that tomorrow and see if it smooths out. Maybe some DNA wonkyness going on.

I'll get back tomorrow!
That was it.  Investigating it further, but the -d switch clears it up. Silly Rabbit!
Glad to hear that was it.  It is quite common to see and always frustrates me.  I always forget to put the -d switch on the command the first time...which is why I responded :-)

It's so much NOT common for me I thought it was something Win 7 quirky. And the stutter was more than just at the name - it might be several spots. But the d switch cleared it up and we are looking into it. Thanks