Moving computers/profiles to new domain using Microsoft tools

I am moving a few xp & windows 7 boxes from a server 2003 to a server 2008 domain. My plan is to use the native files and settings wizard (xp)  and easy transfer wizard (win 7) to do this. Procedure would be: Use ms tool to save the profile, disjoin from old domain, join new domain, login as same domain user with admin privileges on local machine, use ms tool import the saved profile. Will this work? Would I have better results with a 3rd party tool like the forensiT wizard?
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forensicIT is what's up!

If you are joining the pc to a new domain, and want the 'new' domain user to have the same profile as when he/she was in the old domain... ForensicIT will basically assign the new user the existing profile and make all of the permission changes needed within that profile. Works like a charm plus there is no waiting for files to copy.

If you move users to a new PC, the migwiz for xp works ok, with some exceptions and the easy transfer wizards work great in win7.
tcianfloneAuthor Commented:
Can you give me some idea of what it's like to use that tool? Or point me to the procedure I would use to accomplish my task? Thanks. Also, putting the file copy time aside, would the native tools accomplish my task?
Am I correct that the users will be logging into the same pc and just the domain has changed?

If so, you log into the computer as the user in the new domain. You will get a fresh default profile. When you fire up the profile migration tool it will basically allow you to choose which existing profile on the PC you would like to use from a list. When you choose your old profile from the 2003 domain, it will run for a short time while it gives your new user 'Owner' rights to the files and folders within the old profile as well as some magic behind the scenes so that you receive this profile when logging back in.

Caveat- the free version is all I have every used and you have to log into each pc as the user on the new domain. (If you have just set up the new domain than you probably just created all of the users and know the passwords for each user?) I believe that the user needs to be a local admin on the PC to accomplish this.  

Downside of using migwiz in xp or even the easy transfer utilities:
time... a lot of file transfer
space... you have two profiles that are essentially the same on the PC
errors... built in utility doesn't transfer everything.

Even if you want to use the xp or 7 migration tools and save the file on a file server or usb drive, I would try the  forensicIT utility first and use the native profile tools for peace of mind. Also, this is rather low risk since you can always log into the pc as admin and parse the profile manually since it will still be on the machine.

I have on occasion, rebuilt a small office and replaced the domain with a new domain rather than migrate the domain which would not involve messing with client pcs. Usually isn't a problem in a small office. The issues that I have run into:

drives don't map if server and share names aren't exactly the same... I don't rely on the profile tools to move those anyway as they all get mapped via script or group policy prefs.

printers don't map if server and share names aren't exactly the same... I don't rely on the profile tools to move those either as they all get mapped via script or group policy prefs.

OutLook... Big troubles if your not careful. If you have Exchange involved in this whole domain change over than make sure you do your homework but as a backup I would export the Outlook to pst and save on the desktop as a safety feature. If you do have Exchange in the domain please let me know and I will explain further as I screwed the proverbial pooch before and would like to help you avoid a similar pitfall

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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Did you migrate users from Win2K3 domain to Win2K8 domain and if so, did you migrate SID history?  If the answer is yes then use MS ADMT tools.
tcianfloneAuthor Commented:
OMG! This is the most freaking awesome tool ever! Can't tell you how much time it saves dealing with user profiles. I bought the pro version and it was well worth the 89.00. Paid for itself first of time using it. Thanks, JaniLS! No,  no local Exchange server involved. Worked like magic.
Yeah.. See Quote above... "forensicIT is what's up!"

Glad it worked out. Those guys that made it have saved me tons of hours doing it manually.
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