Help Accessing my mulitdimensional array

This code is kind of choppy, let me know if you need more detail.

I have a multidimensional array that I'm having trouble getting the data from.

There is a global array that gets assigned data either by editing or appending.  This code was existing and functioning:

$oID = 12345;
foreach($GLOBALS['order']->totals as $key => $total) {
	if($total['class'] == $order_total['code']) {
	// Update the information in the order
		$GLOBALS['order']->totals[$key]['title'] = $order_total['title'];
		$GLOBALS['order']->totals[$key]['value'] = $order_total['value'];
		$GLOBALS['order']->totals[$key]['text'] = $order_total['text'];

		$found = true;

if(!$found) {
	$GLOBALS['order']->totals[] = array(
	'class' => $order_total['code'],
	'title' => $order_total['title'],
	'value' => $order_total['value'],
	'text' => $order_total['text'],
	'sort_order' => $order_total['sort_order']

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I passed the array to a function.  (I realize that is not required for a global, but I'm doing it in case I'm able to turn the $GLOBALS['order'] into a local variable);

update_order_total($oID, $GLOBALS['order'])

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Here's the function declaration:
function update_order_total($oID, $order_total)

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And here's my sad failed attempt inside the function to get the values from that array:

foreach ($order_total as $current_total) {
	//START test	
		$sql_data_array = array(
				'orders_id' => (int)$oID,					
			'title' => $current_total['class'],
				'text' => $current_total['text'],
				'value' => (is_numeric($current_total['value'])) ? $current_total['value'] : '0',
				'class' => 'ot_custom_' . $i,
				'sort_order' => $current_total['sort_order']
//then in insert this into a row in the database.  
//The class field and order_id field have values, and are okay. 
//The $current_total fields are blank.

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Can you see what I'm doing wrong?

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Ray PaseurCommented:
Any chance you can reduce this to the SSCCE?  You only need to show us the data you have and the data you want to get from the data you have.  That will be much more effective than looking at code that we all know does not work!
christamccAuthor Commented:
It's only the last chuck of code that doesn't work, I need to specifically use the first chuck of code above, which I mentioned is working.  

The first chuck of code fills a multidimensional array. (needs to stay as is)
ie: $GLOBALS['order']->totals[] = array('class' => $order_total['code'])

Solution: I need to pass that $GLOBALS['orders'] array to a variable and then loop through that new array variable to get the values.
christamccAuthor Commented:
I figured it out.  My function call should be:

update_order_total($oID, $GLOBALS['order']->total)

rather than

update_order_total($oID, $GLOBALS['order'])

Everything else was fine.

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christamccAuthor Commented:
There were no other solutions posted and this fixes my problem.
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