IE 9 crashes when printing

I have a client who is running Windows 7 and IE9.  Whenever they print, no matter which printer, IE crashes.  I have tried updating him to IE10, but it crashes immediately after launch.  I rolled him back to IE9, same issue.  I uninstalled IE9 and reinstalled it, same issue.  Is there anything I am missing here?  Any suggestions are welcome.  Thank you for your help,
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Which brand name printers?
Satheesh AgatheeswaranIT ManagerCommented:
Try re-installing the printer driver
Sushil SonawaneCommented:
Disable the Add-on in internet explorer then check. Make sure on your system update with latest windows update and service pack.
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Why would internet explorer crash I sincerely ask.
and what does it have to do with printing?
Is the client printing a web page from internet explorer using the printer toolbar?
With those details we can proceed further than just guessing.
The printer toolbar may have been corrupted.
Details are our eyes thinkconnected you have provided little details including the brand of printer as well,
A web page may contain lots of web pages linked from my own experience when just saving a web page it often asks do I want to save all pages associated with it may be the printer is doing the same and simply can't
Did the problem start recently?
Any events errors to note a reference to?
If you could answer them that would be terrific.
thinkconnectedAuthor Commented:
Here are some more details, the issue has been ongoing for a while, several techs have tried to solve it but have not been able to.  There is not "printer toolbar" plugin in his IE, as I mentioned, it happens on all printers.  The printer type are Dell MFP's, 3115CN and 5110CN printers to be precise, printing to either one crashes IE. It will even crash when using the windows XPS document printer as well.  The user works at a finance company and is forced to use IE for several sites.  He does select the "printer friendly" icon on the webpage, so this is being done correctly.  Let me know if this helps, thank you for your comments,
Thanks Jon
Take a look through this article about understanding
Managing Printing : How Printing Works in Windows 7
Explains the process
of >> The print subsystem on versions of Windows earlier than Windows Vista used the GDI print path and how it functions now
Consider upgrading to IE10 and ensure all users have updated .netframework and printer drivers are up to date and make one default?
Satheesh AgatheeswaranIT ManagerCommented:
Try this Jon

Also, have you tried printing with IE compatibility mode?
thinkconnectedAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tips Merete and hitecator.  I have tried upgrading him to IE10  but it would crash as soon as it was launched.  I wound up rolling him back to IE9.  I will check his .net framework version and upgrade if necessary.  I will also try printing in compatibility mode as well as checking to see if he is running display link installed.  I will report my findings.
I believe the problem does not lie with using which version Internet Explorer
Depending on a couple things mentioned in the draft I posted about managing printing they
suggested that you restart the printing service.
the possible causes of the crashes is between printing documents and using the windows XPS document printer, once a crash has happened restart the printing service.  
Quote> The default driver Isolation mode for in-box printer drivers in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 is Shared, whereas the default driver Isolation mode for virtual printer drivers (such as the Microsoft XPS Document Writer), fax, and print-to-file drivers (such as Print To OneNote) is None.
Group Policy and .inf settings can override these System Default driver isolation settings.

Have you checked in Event Viewer?
Type eventvwr in search.
Go to the Windows Logs > Application.
Note anything in red that relates to this current problem.
Please record the event ID, and the Source Code and tell us what they are

This is small utility for Troubleshooting Internet Explorer issues. It will Flush DNS, Re-register concern dlls for Internet Explorer (3 different types 64-Bit, 32 Bit on 64-Bit OS and 32-Bit) Reset IE to Default settings, Reset Winsock
How to reset Internet Explorer settings ( includes fix it for me)
How do I install or uninstall Internet Explorer 9?
Internet Explorer - Reset to Default

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