detecting query recompilation / sql server 2008

I'm trying to detect if I have some queries that are recompiling for requests from different users opposed to using cache. Here's how I plan on doing that:


DBCC dropcleanbuffers
DBCC freeproccache







I realize that this will provide parse/compile and execution time.

The problem is that when User-A executes a particular query, it's slow at first and then fast after subsequent requests. When User-B executes that very same query, it's also slow at first and then faster after subsequent requests.

Will the foregoing be able to tell me whether or not the query is recompiled for User-B after it has compiled for User-A?

Ideally, I'm hoping that it'll compile for User-A and then just reference the existing plan/cache for User-B.

Will existing indexes impact this analysis? Should I drop them?
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Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Try dynamic management view sys.dm_exec_query_stats and function sys.dm_exec_sql_text. In addition to demonstrating how to use the above, Pinal Dave does a nice job of describing how to reduce recompilation:

One method is the KEEPFIXED PLAN hint:

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I hope you don't do the freecache/cleanbuffers on your production server. That is best only used on your local instance
Jim P.Commented:
I'm seeing your series of questions about monitoring performance. You may want to look at getting Confio's Ignite monitoring software. The free version gives you a fair amount of data like this.
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