wall charger- one prong is broken

under pressure and accidentally one of the prongs of the wall charger is broken (mobile phones)..  will it work if i plug with one prong, (until the replacement charger comes in mail). will it be dangerous (short circuiting etc) for the mobile phone if i try to charge it now?

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If it is completely broke off, no, it will not work. You need 2 prongs to carry the current.

If it is just "loose", but still attached by the "wire", it might still work.  But you stand a good chance of getting shocked trying to plug and unplug it in the wall.
Not recommended, unless you are really desperate. And even then I would turn off the breaker while messing with it, and have somebody next to the breaker to turn it back on (and off, if needed).
It may depend on which of the three prongs was broken.
If it is the ground prong, it should still work with only a small increased risk.  If it is the neutral prong, it could potentially work, with ground substituting for neutral, but that could cause risk to other grounded devices.  And it would only work that way if the charger leaked between neutral and ground.  If it is the live prong, it won't work, unless the outlet was wired incorrectly, in which case it could be risky to use it.
If the charger circuit includes a very large capacitor, there could be a possibility that a tiny AC component could get through a single live prong, which might in theory charge the phone very slowly, but I would not count on that.

If you are not sure which prong is which, we can probably tell you how to identify them if you tell us which country you are in.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
"one of the prongs of the wall charger is broken"
Phone end or wall end?
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25112Author Commented:
Phone end or wall end? wall end

for USA- the charger is for Sony ericsson w810i.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
With generic replacements as little as $4 incl shipping I'd just get a new one - it should arrive before your phone's battery is exhausted!
Looking at a photo of the charger on Amazon ...

I can't read or find the voltage and current specs, but they are probably in the 3-5 volt and 1 amp range.  If you can find a charger with similar specs, you can splice your phone end plug to the new unit.  

This is fairly safe since you are working on the low voltage side of the power supply.
You can even get by with twisting the bare wires together tightly and insulating the joints with scotch tape.

When I say "safe", I mean safe for you.  You do have to get the polarity of the wires correct or you could damage your phone.  If you don't have a volt meter and some level of confidence, then you should not try this at home.
In the USA, the Ground prong is the round one in the middle,
Looking at the plug, Neutral is the wider flat prong counter clockwise from the Ground prong
The Hot prong is the narrower flat one clockwise from the Ground prong.

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25112Author Commented:
ok- thanks. if it does not come by mail today, i will try some of the tweaks mentioned.
Thank you much. Have fun.   ; )
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